barbara robinsonBarbara A. Robinson, B.S., MEd.

CAS Radio Talk-show Host Personality

Motivational Speaker
Workshop Facilitator
Life Skills Coach

Seminar Topics Presented by Barbara

Success by Design: A Blueprint for Women Who Want to Get on With Their Lives
Yes You Can Succeed: Success Strategies for African American Women
Business and Leadership Development for African American Women
Acquiring Wealth by Minding Your Own Business
Someday Is Now: Dealing With Your Past
Motivaltional Techniques for Women
Letting Go of the Junk in Your Life
Healing the Wounded Heart

An Evening with Barbara A. Robinson


Enjoy the unique experience of a AYes You Can philosophy with Barbara A. Robinson: member of the Maryland House of Delegates, the author of five published books, an advocate against domestic violence, a motivational speaker, the winner of many awards, an educator, an entrepreneur, a minority business owner, one of Maryland's 2009 Top 100 Women, a Maryland Women Hall of Fame inductee, awarded the Key to the City in three states. This award winning author will share her personal experience of succeeding against the odds. Coming from a life of child abuse, sexual abuse, welfare, projects, domestic violence, and homelessness, Barbara will explore the concept of your condition does not have to be your conclusion. 


Barbara will share her seven principles of success:

1. Reinventing yourself after the death of your spouse
2. The concept of living your dream through GOALS
3. How to PUSH through the pains of domestic violence and live the life of a victor, not a victim.
4. Letting go of your past and living in the Anow of life
5. Living a AHallelujah Anyhow ASAP life
6. Develop a ADream, Design, Do concept
7. Living a AYes You Can philosophy


Barbara is the author of the following books:

And Still, I Cry (soft cover)
Yes You Can (soft cover)
Eyes of the Beholder (soft & hard cover)
Someday Is Now (soft cover)
Mind Bungee Jumping  (soft and hard cover)
Bend in the Road (soft and hard copy)


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Barbara A. Robinson
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