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Bend in the Road is about reinventing yourself after the death of a loved one. I use personal experiences of how I dealt with the death of my husband with whom I spent 47 years of my life, to send the message that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. I share with readers my ups and downs and how I had to reinvent who I am to cope with the person I had come to be. I discuss my journey, my faith and my glory dance steps of life, love of family, love of self, love of God, and happiness in His glory. This book sends the message that if life gives you the opportunity to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

I could not stay in the garden of memories, as beautiful and comforting as they were, they were no longer my reality. Many of us have lost loved ones when death calls. We find ourselves suddenly alone in this life, on this planet and fearful and apprehensive of the lonely days ahead. We dread going on without our soul mate. We are apprehensive about our future, confused about our existence and not understanding our need to provide for ourselves as we are forced to come to grips with our own mortality.

There is no blueprint for grieving; there aren’t any steps, directions, or instructions to understanding our pain. There are no words of wisdom that can change our situation and no medicine to heal the wound left when our heart breaks. I can’t give you any advice or a recipe on how to grieve, nor can I tell you how long to grieve. I cannot tell you how you should feel, or what actions to take to cope with your pain. I can’t even tell you how you should spend the rest of your life.

I can only say that God does not make mistakes. You have been left on this earth, in this place, at this time for a reason. The season for you to spend with the love of your life who has gone on to glory is over. Accept that and don’t put a question mark where God has put a period. I can only tell you what I did when I first began my journey without my love by my side. I can only tell you how I coped during the early days of my husband’s death and how I am still coping.

The pain does not go away; it just gets a little easier to bear. God left me here for a reason. This life He gave me is a present, a gift and each day I wake up is me unwrapping that gift and it is a renewal of that present. For me to hold a pity party each day rather than trying to discover what God would have me do, is a message to God that I do not appreciate His gift of life and that I am ungrateful of His goodness.
Our life’s road bends, twists, goes up hills, into valleys, streams, rivers, over mountains, into valleys, into pot holes, and always curving. Around the next bend may be heartaches or happiness, pain or pleasure, sunshine or rain. Regardless of what lies around the next bend, God is always there, waiting with outstretched arms to either catch you if you fall or teach you how to fly. When you get to the end of your rope hand it to God, He will tie it around your waist and help you stand.


book"Eyes of the Beholder," is about ten women who have gone through many trials, experienced many obstacles and overcame many hurdles such as racism, child abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, criminal activity including murder, broken hearts, infidelity and many more society ills. Some of the women came from a life of prostitution, lesbianism and fear.

The women grew into professional people. They became school principals, psychologists, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, social workers, and ministers. Together, they formed an organization to help women and called it WOMAN Power. WOMAN is an acronym for "Women On the Move Against Negativism."

"Eyes of the Beholder", is about a woman named Rebekah who was ashamed of her mother. She saw her mother as an ugly disfigured woman, until she learned the circumstances of her mother's disfigurement. After her mother dies, Rebekah goes on a self-destruction trip in the abyss of life that lasted over twenty years. This trip takes her through years of drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, the gay life, criminal activity, bad relationships, and finally God, college and self-realization.

It's about a multi-racial woman from the South, from a religious background. She had a Black mother and a White father. Her mother was a housekeeper and her father came from a well-to-do prominent Southern white family.

She and her colleagues founded an organization to help other women. "Eyes of the Beholder," discusses some of the women they helped. It also talks about the men in the lives of the WOMAN Power members. Although Rebekah comes from a troubled past, she becomes an attorney. The other members also had troubled pasts, even the preacher's wife, but they kept holding on to God's hand. After fifteen years of self-destruction and looking for peace and happiness, Rebekah finally realizes that the power to change, to be happy and fulfilled, lies within her. She spends the next five years following God's plan for her, building WOMAN Power, and praying for courage to endure what's ahead in life.

It's about a man loving a woman so much that he's willing to wait a lifetime for her, and when he does find her again, nothing else in this world means anything. He didn't care what she had done and he didn't want to hear about her past. Finally after over twenty years, she finds her true love, she already had it, God was waiting for her to realize it.

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book"Every successful businessperson seeks reliable resource materials from experts in his or her field. "Yes You Can" is a powerful resource for entrepreneurs. Barbara Robinson covers all of the bases for starting and maintaining a successful (profitable) business. Thank you Barbara for taking the time to write the book and for having the infinite wisdom to do so." - Debra E. Keller, President - Keller Professional Services

Here is an excert from "Yes You Can":

"I attended a meeting where people were trying to get other people to join a "networking" company; I call them "multi-level" companies. One of my colleagues asked if I were planning to join. I said I didn't know. I wanted to watch how the people attending the meeting were dressed. If they had on wrinkled suits, shoes with rundown heels, or if the men needed a haircut and didn't look well groomed, I didn't want to be a part of that organization. To me, their appearance said they were not successful. Some of them came to the meeting appearing disheveled, and sure enough, the group didn't make any money." - Barbara A. Robinson

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bookBarbara A. Robinson's book, And Still, I Cry, is becoming a mainstay in the lives of thousands of women who seek to control their own destiny - regardless of their past!

It took Barbara ten years to write "And Still, I Cry." Overcoming the agony of recalling the many tormenting incidents and experiences that had become immersed within her was a very difficult challenge. Yet through the encouragement of her daughter Jericka, and believing that other women may be helped by sharing her story, Barbara completed her book.

"...her tale is grippingly rendered and her chapter on rape is indicative of her smooth writing style that wastes no time, but cuts decisively to the chase." - Class Magazine

Here is an excert from And Still, I Cry:

"When Mother came home, I told her how Big Mama had treated me. Mother tried to comfort me and told me, 'That's all right, Baby. You didn't want that old ice cream anyway. I'll buy you some tomorrow when the ice cream man comes by.' But it wasn't the candy or the ice cream that I wanted - I just wanted Big Mama to like me. I just wanted to feel like a part of the family. I wanted her to treat me like she did Sandy, but she never did Sandy."

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(An Overview)

Someday Is Now is every woman's story who's trying to change her life and make a better life for herself and her family.  Women will like the book because it will give them hope when there doesn't seem to be any hope left.  The book shows the true spirit of a woman and how she made it in spite of the odds against her.  It's about turning obstacles into opportunities, chaos into challenges, challenges into possibilities, and possibilities into accomplishments.  It's about determination, persistence and not allowing anyone to define your limitations.  It's about loving yourself, not worrying about what you can't do and thanking God for what you can do.

Someday Is Now sends the message that you can change your life if you change your attitude about your life.  It sends the message to men and women that they can take control of their lives and become whatever and whoever they want to become if they are willing to work at developing themselves. It sends the message that how you live your life is your choice.  Don't let anyone take away your self-esteem or diminish your self-confidence.  Don't worry about growing old.  When you feel old remember, that growing old is no more than a bad habit that a busy person has no time to form.  If you are busy living your dream, you don't have time to worry about getting old.  Why worry about something if worry won't change the situation? Are all messages from the book.

The book is written in two parts.  The first part is called Genesis. It's about the first half of my life and the many potholes of life in which I stepped.
The second part is called What's God Got To Do With It? My grandmother tried to instill in me at a very young age that God can do anything but fail.  This part of the book is about my journey of faith, life's realities and life's difficulties.

My reason for writing the book is to share with the world the message that it doesn't matter where you started, it's where you end up that makes the difference.  I wanted to let everyone know how good God has been to me.  The book will affect the lives of people in a positive way.  In many cases it will give them inspiration and a renewed belief in themselves.  It tells the reader to dream big and do great things to develop their goals and make their dreams come true.

I was truly broken and in need of spiritual repair when I gave my life to God.  We all have junk in our trucks.  Leave it in the past, where it should be and move on with your life. When I admitted that I could not live without Christ in my life things changed for the better.        

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bookMind Bungee Jumping is written in two sections. The first section contains original poems that send different messages and have different meanings. The poems that send messages of love are written under the heading, Poems in the Key of Love. Poems that reflect everyday life as the author sees it are under the heading, Street Life. Poems written to motivate and encourage readers are written under the heading, Motivation and Encouragement. Poems about family life are written under the heading, Family Ties. Poems about the African American experience are written under the heading, Music of my People. Poems about life as the author sees it are written under the heading, Through My Eyes. Poems that contain messages of friendship are written under the heading, Take My Hand. Poems written from a spiritual perspective are written under the heading, Praise and Worship.

The second section of Mind Bungee Jumping contains motivational quotations and affirmations. This section is called, Wisdom of the Ages. Quotations contained in this section are reflections of the author's original quotations and personal thoughts; words of wisdom as quoted by some of the author's personal friends and colleagues; prayers and inspirational messages from Bible scriptures; words of wisdom from the pulpit as spoken by Dr. Frank M. Reid, III, Pastor of Bethel AME Church; others are quotations from various individuals whom I respect and on whose shoulders I stand.

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