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Book Signings

  • November 17, 2015 Book signing and reading at Bon Secours Hospital 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • November 18, 2015 book signing and reading at the Baltimore City Community College, Liberty campus at 12:00 noon
  • January 20, 2016 book signing and reading at Northwood Library

Beginning in May 2016 a book signing tour to Atlanta Georgia, Columbus, Georgia, Alexander City, Alabama, Memphis, Tennessee, is planned.


Yes You Can Be Successful by Minding Your own Business


Barbara Robinson, author of And Still, I Cry, Yes You Can, Someday Is Now, Eyes of the Beholder, and Bungee Jumping presents her electrifying, AYes You Can Be Successful: Someday Is Now,@ seminar. After experiencing this motivational and inspiring event you will never be the same.  You will learn how to overcome obstacles in your life, how to pursue your dreams and find your Asomeday.@ Barbara, will show you what it takes to believe in yourself to reach your dreams--despite the everyday challenges of running your own business.  Barbara will share her inspirational story with you and explain how she worked her way from filing parking tickets, to running two multi-million dollar businesses, to becoming a published author and becoming an elected state official.

We say, "Someday, I'm going to start my own business," "Someday, I'm going to get myself together," "Someday I.m going back to school," "Someday I'm going to pursue my dreams" and so on.  This seminar will teach you that your "someday" is now. You will leave this seminar knowing how to build your confidence, push through barriers and pursue your personal and professional dreams.  In this seminar you will learn:

         How to start a business
         How to Pursue your personal and professional goals
         How to let go of past baggage and find your someday
         How to heal the wounded heart
         Techniques of Marketing
         The Psychological Effects of Entrepreneurship
         Personal Assessment for Business Growth
         Business Plan Development
         Structuring Your Business
         Self Actualization and Motivation
         Effective Techniques of Communication
         Professionalism and the Importance of Image.


Success by Design: A Blueprint for Women Who Want to Get on With Their Lives
Yes You Can Succeed: Success Strategies for African American Women
Business and Leadership Development for African American Women
Acquiring Wealth by Minding Your Own Business
Someday Is Now: Dealing With Your Past
Motivational Techniques for Women
Letting Go of the Junk in Your Life
 Healing the Wounded Heart
It’s Your Season

Speaking Engagements



We live between two dashes, life and death. Our life’s experiences are dots between those dashes.  In my writing I share lessons about not putting a question mark where God has put a period.

 And Still, I Cry, is about issues some people use as excuses for not succeeding in life such as: racism, sexual molestation, physical abuse, welfare, homelessness, life in an inner city projects, drugs, prostitution, alcoholism, domestic violence, infidelity and heartache. 

Yes You Can, is about how to start and operate a business while pursuing your personal goals. I talk about finding your niche and developing that into a profitable business. I use personal experiences to teach others the “potholes” they should avoid while starting a business.

Eyes of the Beholder, discusses ten women who dealt with difficulties in life and how they used their life’s experiences to form an organization designed to help other women. 

Someday is Now, sends the message to stop procrastinating and live in the “now” of life. It sends the message don’t put off for tomorrow things that can be done today, you may not have a tomorrow. Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. 

Mind Bungee Jumping, contains fifty-four (54) original poems and two-thousand (2,000) motivational quotes. At some point in life, the motivator needs to be motivated. The contents of this book are written to motivate the reader.

Bend in the Road, is about reinventing yourself after the death of a loved one. I share my journey of self-discovery and creating my future after the death of my husband.

Barbara A. Robinson
P.O. Box 7667, Baltimore, Maryland 21207