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(A brief synopsis of each chapter)


Chapter One: Heartbreak
Rebekah is the main character in this book.  This chapter talks about Rebekah growing up in Alabama during the 1940s and 1950s, going to high school and facing the ugly reality of racism.


Chapter Two:  Never a Greater Love
Rebekah meets Donnie C a young man from New York C someone who would love her forever; however, she didn't realize what a beautiful love she had until she threw it away.  Rebekah experiences love making for the first time


Chapter Three:  Beulah Goes to New York
Beulah C the woman whom Rebekah thought was her mother C wanted to surprise Rebekah by being there for Rebekah in what Beulah thought was a time of sorrow and grief.  Beulah was wrong.  Beulah experienced the excitement of New York and the heartache of rejection.


Chapter Four:  Friendship
This chapter talks about the friendship between a rich white woman and an ugly, disfigured black woman servant in Alabama during a time of racial turmoil.  Amidst heartache and pain, Beulah made a decision to remain in New York and get lost in its vastness.  This chapter is about Beulah's untimely death and what made her want to die.


Chapter Five: Mama's Party
Rebekah returns to Mobile, Alabama with Beulah's body.  She must plan Beulah's funeral and is confronted with a secret that Beulah has kept all of her life.  Rebekah learns how Beulah became disfigured and that knowledge nearly destroys Rebekah.


Chapter Six: A Guilt Trip
Rebekah faces the bi-racial part of her life.  Grief, guilt and pity consume her and force her into a life of hell.


Chapter Seven:  Forbidden Fruit
This chapter discusses Rebekah's introduction to the gay life, her relationship with her lesbian lover and her ultimate heartbreak.

Chapter Eight: Life's Struggle
Rebekah returns to Baltimore and enters the world of prostitution, pimps, drugs and murder.


Chapter Nine:  A Bitter Lesson
Rebekah becomes a prostitute, suffers physical abuse from her pimp and comes to terms with her own degradation.


Chapter Ten: One Day at a Time
After sinking to rock bottom Rebekah finds herself in church seeking inner peace.  She commits a courageous act and ends up in the hospital at death's door.  She has a spiritual, supernatural experience and vows to begin to follow her dream.  She meets other women with sordid backgrounds who help her to realize her dream


Chapter Eleven: Lies of the Heart
Rebekah goes to law school and meets a man who betrays her, physically abuses her and tries to change her life to fit his needs.


Chapter Twelve:  Breeze
Rebekah meets Breeze, an inmate in prison and starts the beginning of the most fantastic mental journey she will ever know.


Chapter Thirteen:  Competition In Blue
Rebekah experiences jealousy from a prison guard who sees Rebekah as her competition for Breeze's affection.  Rebekah gets a taste of an incarcerated man's life.  She fights back and experiences another side of Breeze.


Chapter Fourteen: He Called Her, Ice Cream
This chapter discusses Breeze's nickname for Rebekah and how he came to use that name.  Rebekah learns more about Breeze than he had revealed.


Chapter Fifteen:  Looking For Love
This chapter discusses Breeze's and Rebekah's means of experiencing each other while Breeze is still incarcerated.

Chapter Sixteen:  Woman Power At Work
Rebekah's dream organization C which includes lesbian couples and a woman with a bi-sexual husband in its membership C begins operation.  This chapter discusses some of the women the organization helps and the baggage they bring from their past.


Chapter Seventeen: The Last Goodbye
Rebekah loses her best friend.


Chapter Eighteen: The Pain of Love
Breeze's and Rebekah's mental courtship and Breeze's love letters to Rebekah are all they had.
Rebekah's incredible journey through the land of love and sex is discussed.  Breeze is released from prison and he and Rebekah experience freedom to love and be with each other.  Rebekah learns a dangerous side of Breeze that she had not experienced before. 


Chapter Nineteen: Searching For Answers
Breeze's and Rebekah's last goodbye, his acceptance of self and her elevation to the next level of her career are discussed in this chapter.  This chapter also explains why the book is titled AEyes of the Beholder, instead of AEye of the Beholder.


Chapter Twenty: No Easy Road
Members of WOMAN Power and some of the struggles they faced on their road to healing are discussed.


Chapter Twenty-One:  Overcomers
WOMAN Power Club members hold their monthly meeting and learn more about the past of some of the members


Chapter Twenty-Two:  Anniversary Celebration
WOMAN Power holds its 10th anniversary celebration and Rebekah leaves for Alabama.  The women's tribute to the men in their lives and the secret the men kept from the women are discussed.


Chapter Twenty-Three: Home Again
Rebekah returns to Mobile for reasons other than what she was lead to believe.  She is in for a surprise

Chapter Twenty-Four:  The Best Is Yet To Come
Rebekah comes to terms with her bi-racial blood line and finds what she has been searching for, for almost 20 years.  She finds real love in the most unlikely place. 



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