It's about people and progress, not politics and power.

Leadership And Supervisory Skills For Women


The presenters work with businesses, organizations and women entrepreneurs nationally and internationally has emphasized three important factors about the workplace: (1) Women hold an ever-growing percentage of management and supervisory positions, (2) Women entrepreneurs are rapidly becoming one of the largest employers, and (3) Women face a unique set of challenges as supervisors and managers. The innovative techniques used by successful women are included in this seminar. Participants will leave this seminar with skills that can be immediately applied in their everyday work life. This seminar is for newly appointed supervisors and administrators, new managers, future women managers and women entrepreneurs.


In this seminar, women will discover how to do the following:

  • Understand and overcome office pitfalls, problems and politics.
  • Identify and find time to work on important projects
  • Be a winning team player and still receive the credit you deserve
  • Confidentially present an outstanding leadership style


  1. Projecting a Positive and Powerful Self-Image
  2. Developing Your Personal Leadership Style
  3. Techniques of Communication: Speaking with authority
  4. How your personality influences the way you lead
  5. How to be assertive without seeming pushy
  6. Methods of Coaching and Counseling and the importance of both
  7. Methods of improving your skills of motivating people and knowing when to draw the line.
  8. Knowing what to do when progressive discipline doesn’t work
  9. Time and Stress Management
  10. Team Building and Motivation
  11. Delegating for Results
  12. Knowing when and when not to delegate
  13. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  14. The “how to’s” of Supervision
  15. How to delegate,
  16. How to motivate,
  17. How to set goals and priorities,
  18. How to give instructions and get results,
  19. How to avoid the legal pitfalls of hiring and firing,
  20. How to discipline without humiliating
  21. How to supervise other women, men and former peers, 
  22. How to supervise people who have been in the organization longer than you have, 
  23. How to handle problem employees
  24. Communication Skills That Work:
    -- one-on-one communication
    -- ways to make a dynamic impact at meetings
    -- how to increase your listening skills
    -- how to speak in front of others and unleash the hidden power of turning your greatest fear into your strongest ally
  25. Understanding the real differences between women and men at work 
  26. The Super-Woman, Super-Worker Syndrome: