“For anyone in or entering the business world, this book is a must read.  The material is clear, concise and valid.  Ms. Robinson doesn’t just talk the talk, she has and still does walk the walk.”  Craig Wright, STACOR.

An informative read.  Ms. Robinson sets down in Yes You Can an easy to follow blueprint for success; one that every entrepreneur can benefit from,” Janet D. Leak, Editor/Publisher, WomanScope Newsmagazine
“Most books I’ve read on entrepreneurship left me with the urge to find someone so that I could explain the contents of the book to them.  “Yes You Can,” left me with the urge to start, operate and grow a business.  As Nikki says best, ‘No more talking, no more explaining -- just go on and do it  (Barry Hampton national and international trainer and entrepreneur)

“Yes You Can” is a powerful book and a must read for people who are thinking of going in business and for those who are already in business and want to hone their management skills.  It’s a powerful guide for women entrepreneurs.  The author uses personal experiences to drive home points in the book.  It contains a wealth of information.  I needed a book like this when I started in business sixteen years ago.  (Mary Taylor, Executive Director and Founder of SMACC, Memphis, Tennessee)

“Every successful businessperson seeks reliable resource materials from experts in his or her field.  Yes, You Can is a powerful resource for entrepreneurs.  Barbara Robinson covers all of the bases for starting and maintaining a successful (profitable) business.  Thank you Barbara for taking the time to write the book and for having the infinite wisdom to do so.”  Debra E. Keller, President -- Keller Professional Services



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