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Bend in the Road

Bend in the Road is about reinventing yourself after the death of a loved one. Often when our spouses, or significant other precedes us in death, we feel alone in life and we do not want to continue living without our companion. This is the hardest book I have ever written. It forced me to reflect on my memories of a love that was both beautiful and emotionally draining and one I will never experience again. It also forced me to reflect on my own mortality. This book is about my life after my husband's death. It is my testimony of how God changed me into a woman, who learned how to travel the road of life alone and teach others along the way. I share with the reader how I dealt with suddenly living alone, without the love of my life by my side. I discuss my depression and how I got through that difficult time. 

I discuss the next phase of my life, where it took me after my husband's death. The book contains lessons I have learned, in my lifetime. Some lessons are motivational statements I often use to get me through the day. Some are words of encouragement I received from my colleagues and friends. People often say that children believe in magic. That is true but I am presenting these motivational statements to let the reader know that magic is inside of us all; it’s called Aconfidence.@ If we have confidence in ourselves and faith that God does answer prayers, we are on the road to healing and peace. I hope my message helps the readers dance on after their loss and find their own steps in the world. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, or if there will be a tomorrow for me; therefore, I will live today as if it were the last.