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Someday is Now

Someday Is Now is every woman's story who is trying to change her life and make a better life for herself and her family. This book shows the true spirit of a woman and how she made it despite the odds against her. The author discusses turning obstacles into opportunities, chaos into challenges, challenges into possibilities, and possibilities into accomplishments. She expounds on determination, persistence and not allowing anyone to define your limitations. She focuses on loving yourself, not worrying about what you can’t do and thanking God for what you can do.

Someday Is Now sends the message that you can change your life if you change your attitude about your life. It sends the message to men and women that they can take control of their lives and become whatever and whomever they want to become if they are willing to work at developing themselves. It sends the message that how you live your life is your choice. Don't let anyone take away your self-esteem or diminish your self-confidence. It sends the message not to worry about growing old and when you feel old to remember that growing old is no more than a bad habit that a busy person has no time to form. If you are busy living your dream, you don't have time to worry about getting old. Why worry about something if worry won’t change the situation? All of them are messages from this book.

Someday is Now is written in two parts: the first part is called "Genesis." It’s about the first half of the authors life and the many potholes of life in which I stepped. The second part is called "What's God Got to Do With It?" My grandmother tried to instill in me at a very young age that God can do anything but fail. This part of the book is about my journey of faith, life's realities and life's difficulties. My reason for writing the book is to share with the world the message that it does not matter where you started, it’s where you end up that makes the difference. I wanted to let everyone know how good God has been to me. The book will affect the lives of people in a positive way. In many cases, it will give them inspiration and a renewed belief in themselves. It tells the reader to dream big and do great things to develop their goals and make their dreams come true.