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Click here to get Patches: An African American inspiring religious Christian fiction book of short stories

Patches is a book of short stories about life, inspiration, and many examples of the goodness of God. The book also showcases the many opportunities in life where people help other people. It contains ghost stories that the author’s grandparents and other elders in the community told to young people while sitting on the doorsteps under the southern moon after supper dishes were washed and put away and the young people didn’t have to go to school the next day. The book sends the message that our most meaningful experiences are often the result of life’s twists and turns. It contains humorous stories, stories that reflect the many forms of the beauty of life, and stories that epitomize motivation, encouragement, and mutual respect for other people’s differences.

Do you enjoy African American fiction? This inspiring collection of Christian short stories will most likely enthrall you. Download it now and enjoy!