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Seminars & Workshops



  1. Creating Wealth -- Building a Legacy
  2. Good People Service Skills for Outreach Centers and Church Employees
  3. Success by Design: A Blueprint for Women Who Want to Succeed in Life
  4. Entrepreneurship: How to Start and Manage Your Own Business
  5. Building Wealth by Minding Your Own Business
  6. How to Start and Mind Your Own Business
  7. Workforce Diversity In the 21st Century
  8. Leadership Styles and Development
  9. Setting Goals and Standards
  10. Motivational Techniques for Women
  11. Success by Design: A Blueprint for Women Who Want to Get on With Their Lives
  12. Business and Leadership Development for African American Women
  13. Leadership and Supervisory Skills for Women
  14. Yes, You Can Succeed: Success Strategies for African American Women
  15. Communication Skills for Women
  16. How to Motivate Self and Others
  17. Someday Is Now: Dealing With Your Past
  18. Healing the Wounded Heart: Hallelujah, Anyhow
  19. Letting Go of the Junk in Your Life
  20. Decision Making and Problem Solving
  21. The Retirement Years: It’s My Turn
  22. Over-Sixty is not Over-the-Hill
  23. Live Your Dream
  24. Time Management Techniques