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An Evening with Barbara A. Robinson

Enjoy a unique experience with Senator Barbara A. Robinson: a member of the Maryland General Assembly in the House of Delegates and the Senate , author of six published books, a motivational speaker, recipient of more than 100  awards, an educator, an entrepreneur, a business owner, one of Maryland’s 2009 Top 100 Women, voted 2012 Delegate of the Year by the Maryland, Washington, Minority Contractors Association (MWMCA), voted 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Maryland African American Tourism Association (MAATA), inducted into the Maryland Women Hall of Fame, awarded the Key to the City in three states and winner of the Black Wall Street Award. This award-winning author will share her personal experience of succeeding against the odds. Coming from a life of child abuse, sexual abuse, welfare, projects, domestic violence, and homelessness, Barbara will present her AHallelujah, Anyhow!@ Ministry, featuring her AGod ain=t through with me yet,@ message, her ADon=t put a question mark where God has put a period,@ philosophy, and her AYour condition does not have to be your conclusion,@ concept.You will explore her journey through her writing.

In her first book, And Still, I Cry, you will travel with this author on a journey of faith and healing as she deals with emotional, physical and mental abuse, domestic violence, infidelity, drug abuse, a dysfunctional childhood, success, happiness, healing, and mental peace. It explores mistreatment from an abusive step-father and how her mother used alcohol as a means of coping and escaping domestic violence, shame and disrespect.

Her second book, Yes You Can, discusses being your own boss by starting and operating a business. It incorporates pursuing your dream of self-employment into the discussion. The author discusses her experience of using an unemployment check to start and operate a successful business and the lessons she learned along the way.

The author’s third book, Eyes of the Beholder, showcases the many people she met during her life’s journey. She talks about bi-sexual, bi-racial relationships and heartache. We meet different people throughout life and often we feel that we are the only person experiencing emotional pain, such as disappointments and betrayal. This book introduces the reader to women experiencing negative forces that impact their lives and how they come together as a group and use their life experiences to help others.

Barbara’s fourth book, Someday is Now, sends the message to stop procrastinating and live in the “now” of life.  It discusses the events of September 11, 2001 and how some people did not get the chance to follow through on things they put off being completed “someday.” It sends the message not to put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today, since “tomorrow” is not promised to us.

Book number five, Mind Bungee Jumping, is comprised of 54 original poems and 2,000 motivational quotes. Every -once-in-a-while, everyone needs a motivational push. Often people do not explore their creative abilities and the world does not get the chance to enjoy and experience their talents and gifts. The graveyard is filled with unrealized dreams, songs the world has yet to hear, and poems with words of encouragement and inspiration that may have helped someone cope with the ills of life. This book is a “cup of motivation.”

Barbara’s book number six, Bend in the Road, is about reinventing yourself after the death of a loved one. She discusses losing her soul mate of 47 years and how she dealt with her grief. She talks about living between two dashes, life and death.  “Death is a fate we all will experience and how we handle it determines the quality of our life” says Barbara. The author uses personal experiences to help readers understand that they are not alone, that God still answers knee-mail. She sends the message, instead of preparing for the future, create it and live a Hallelujah Anyhow life!

Barbara will share her seven principles of success:

1.         Reinventing yourself after the death of your spouse
2.         The concept of living your dream through GOALS
3.         Letting go of your past and living in the “now” of life
4.         Living a “Hallelujah Anyhow, Always Say a Prayer (ASAP)” life
5.         Develop a Dream, Design, Do concept
6.         Living a “Yes You Can” philosophy
7.         Understanding the meaning of PUSH


Barbara is the author of the following books:

And Still, I Cry   (soft cover)
Yes, You Can    (soft cover)
Eyes of the Beholder   (soft and hard cover)
Someday Is Now   (soft cover)
Mind Bungee Jumping   (soft and hard cover)
Bend in the Road  (soft and hard cover)


Contact Information: P.O. Box 7667, Baltimore, Maryland 21207
Telephone:      410-486-6219
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.