It's about people and progress, not politics and power.

Legislative Accomplishments

  • Included in the minimum wage bill was my bill that expands the minimum wage salary to include 501(c) 3 non-profit health care organizations.
  • I have sponsored and co-sponsored more than 1,000 bills during my three terms in the Maryland House of Delegates.
  • I was successful in bringing more than $2,000,000 in bond bills to the community.
  • I introduced and passed legislation that provided more than 800 million dollars to MBEs- WBEs-DBEs (HB48) and expanded opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses; thereby creating more jobs in the community.
  • I introduced and passed legislation to prevent liquor stores that are located near schools in Park Heights from opening before the schools in Park Heights opened.
  • I sponsored and passed legislation to provide ex-offenders the opportunity to obtain employment in the casino industry. It was an emergency bill so that ex-offenders could be immediately hired at the Rocky Gap Casino
  • I sponsored legislation to provide sex-trafficking awareness training to entry-level police officers.
  • I sponsored and passed legislation (HB-1401), which designated $3 million dollars keep the Enoch Pratt Libraries opened seven days a week for extended hours
  • I sponsored legislation (HB-264), to study and collect data for future legislation to provide more opportunities for and eliminate disparity treatment of minority businesses in Maryland. This was in response to minority franchisees of Kentucky Fried chicken, Taco Bell, and Dominoes being forced out. We discovered this is a national problem and the LBCM has made it one of our priorities
  • To be a voice for the voiceless, I sponsored legislation requiring the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to develop and implement an Abuser Registry Work Group to identify abusers of vulnerable populations of people in hospitals, group homes and assisted living facilities.
  • I cosponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage of Maryland employees
  • I sponsored the Grandparents’ Rights Act.
  • I sponsored the Senior Center Residents Protection Act