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Love's Second Chance


Love's Second Chance

Love’s Second Chance is about several women who were in relationships that caused them pain, heartache, betrayal and infidelity. It’s about a biracial woman whose life reached rock-bottom before she was able to find the love she had overlooked for years.

An inspirational, Christian story of loss, redemption and love from former state senator Barbara A. Robinson, author of the bestselling "And Still I Cry."

Rebekah saw her mother as an ugly disfigured woman, until she learned the circumstances of her mother’s disfigurement. Soon after, she goes on a self-destructive trip that lasts over twenty years.

Love's Second Chance is a heart-wrenching, beautiful story of how Rebekah and nine other women fight to reclaim their lives after falling into a darkness created by circumstances often beyond their control. Each of these women had to find something––anything––to help them to believe in life once again.

Discover how Rebekah finds a core within herself that allows her to rise up and find her life, her love, and found an organization to help other women.